Certification in Humanitarian Supply Chain Management (CHSCM)

Become a Certified Humanitarian Supply Chain Professional by enrolling on the Certification in Humanitarian Supply Chain Management

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Humanitarian logisticians are called upon to provide responses in a variety of situations, sometimes planned for, but often happening without warning.  In such situations, humanitarian logistics managers must have the ability to quickly construct and operate a supply chain to bring relief to those in need.  

Launched May 2008, and updated in 2017 "CHSCM v3" emphasizes the strategic elements of supply chain management and is aimed at senior logisticians and logistics coordinators working at the strategic level of humanitarian operations.   The CHSCM programme has a long-term impact, influencing the development of supply chains and ongoing operations in a way that will transform delivery.  

The latest version of CHSCM has been updated to reflect recent changes in the way aid is delivered by integrating new materials on Cash Transfer Programming (CTP). The programme offers the opportunity to develop the very latest knowledge and skills needed by modern humanitarian supply chain professionals.

It is recognised that CHSCM is more challenging and demanding than the other courses in the Humanitarian Logistics Certification Programme.  It requires significant experience in both logistics and the humanitarian world for success.  Therefore, many individuals start their studies with CHL and then proceed to CHSCM.

If an individual wishes to start directly with CHSCM, the CILT team will review the application and consult with the coaches, and subsequently respond appropriately. The application form can be found here and should be submitted via e-mail to enquiry@hlcertification.org

Study time

CHSCM is designed to be completed in under 2 years, working approximately 6-8 hours per week. Typically students will take 18 months to complete the programme. CHSCM is only available in English.  You do not need to be currently employed or affiliated with a humanitarian organization to partake in this course. 

For details of fees

For details of the current course fee and payment options, please contact CILT(UK) on enquiry@hlcertification.org. The professional team there will be able to answer all of your questions concerning the programme.  The fees quoted will include all course materials, coach support and final assessment, licences and management fees.

CILT Learner Affiliate Status

CHSCM Learners receive complementary Learner Affiliate membership of CILT(UK). This gives privileged access to a range of benefits and services, as outlined below, designed to help and support them throughout their studies and future careers. If Learners are already members of CILT(UK), they retain their existing member grade. This membership is valid for the entire duration of their study, within their 3 year registration period.

The Knowledge Centre – This gives Learners access to journals, reports, research and benchmarking available online and in hard copy (hard copies only available in the UK), which will prove invaluable when researching, revising and writing subject matter.

Webshop – Benefitting from discounts on over 180 publications, which can be purchased through the Webshop.

Logistics & Transport Focus – Monthly online copies of the leading magazine covering disciplines of logistics, passenger transport, transport planning and supply chain management - each issue is full of topical articles, reports and case studies, which will help with much of a Learners research. 

Weekly News Bulletin  –  the Institute's weekly e-newsletter brings Learners updates on the latest events nationally as well as the latest industry news from their sector, giving them the chance to have your say on current topics.

CPD Online – an online tool to help Learners identify their development needs and detail how they plan how they can be met during their study.

Careers Service – our Careers Service offers Learners a dedicated career consultant who can help them with a CV review to assist them in making that crucial first impression count with potential employers, as well as free downloads to help with the job search and interview coaching to help them get that job. (UK based) 

Legal Helpline – as a member Learners can receive personal legal advice and support with immediate, clear and concise guidance from a professional and qualified service that understands their needs. This resource is available to members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. (UK based) 

Events – Engage with a wealth of knowledge and information, plus network with professionals at the renowned CILT Annual Conference, lecture series and specialised events.

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What our students say:

"The course is a broad and practical exercise which made me go through the whole process of planning and setting up the supply chain according to the field constraints and limitations. This has given me a good all-rounded and comprehensive idea about the whole supply chain as one unit. Thinking about the existing problems and of ways to overcome them was very stimulating as it made the whole exercise challenging and interesting at the same time.

Having worked as Operations Director for Mercy Corps in Yemen for over a year, the programme was a great asset for me in designing and implementing my supply chain strategy in several program areas specially food security & WASH

Having to respond and come up with solutions to simulated challenges and constraints was more relevant to me as working the field of humanitarian relief is rarely smooth and always challenging. Because a problem solving mind is the biggest asset for anyone working in this field. The training allowed me to implement new improved procedures in my work, which increased my effectiveness overall. The idea behind my final project was based on a real problem that my organization faced in the field. Having thought about the solution first for the purpose of the programme, I was able to implement the proposed change in the design of the supply chain in reality. This has worked out perfectly and the problem faced by my organization was eliminated. I was glad to see the quality of service to beneficiaries being increased as a result." - Wadhah Hubaishi, CHSCM graduate

“The knowledge that i have acquired helped me design a food program and its supply chain for the on-going Ebola Response Program in Sierra Leone.The tasks and tutorial support i have continued to received from you and team, made it possible for me to manage the assignment within the shortest time frame possible. Once again I am so grateful for having chosen to pursue this certification in humanitarian supply chain management program with your institute.

From October through November 2014, I got a consultancy to design a food aid program and its complete supply chain for the Ebola response program under Save the Children International in Freetown, Sierra Leone. I was able to finish my tasks within the given time-frames and left the program running in an efficient and effective manner. Thanks to the LLA for the training I have received since 2011 on supply chain management that simplified my work in this very mission. I strongly believe that after completion of this program, I will execute very well supply chain dockets and be able to cause positive impacts in the interventions carried out in different contexts. Thanks Logistics Learning Alliance for making this a reality for me.” - Daniel Ekitela Ekuwom – CHSCM student

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