Certification in Humanitarian Logistics (CHL) v3

CHL 2.1 Scenario HomeCHL v3 content reflects developments in the humanitarian world and best practices in logistics.  To ensure the program continues to meet the needs of humanitarian community, the content changes were overseen by the members of the Certification Advisory Group, led by Heads of Logistics and Logistics Training for aid agencies and Fritz Institute.

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Content Update

Content updates were overseen by the Certification Advisory Group (CAG) to ensure the content of the program continues to reflect best practices and meet the needs of humanitarian actors.  

Specific content updates include:

UNIT 1 – Supply Chain in Humanitarian Aid 
UNIT 2 – Warehousing and Inventory
UNIT 3 – Procurement
UNIT 4 – Transport
UNIT 5 – Fleet Management
UNIT 6 – Cash Transfer Programming
UNIT 7 – Managing a Humanitarian Supply Chain Response

Technical Update

The reality-based case study, ‘SCILaid’’, has been overhauled to be more intuitive for users and graphics have been renovated, doubled in number and reorganized to reinforce the new navigation structure.

CHL 2.1 Navigation ExampleNavigation

The layout is now similar to common websites, with navigation through standard drop-down menus and side bars.  Drop down menus, across the top of the screen, can be used at any time to navigate directly to main pages from anywhere else in the Scenario.  More detailed information can then be access from the menus on the side.  And at any time, you know your location, through the “You are here:” feature.  

Software / Systems Compatibility

Where formerly the SCILaid case study only ran on Internet Explorer, CHL v3 operates effectively on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.  In particular, Mac users, who have previously struggled with setting up SCILaid on their computers, will find the program now compatible.  
Further, the case study now runs on a content management framework which supports dynamic updating and addition of content – facilitating future content updates.

Connectivity Requirements

The CHL v3 program, including the SCILaid case study, remains entirely self-contained.  In other words, after the initial download of the program, students will only need periodic access to e-mail for correspondence with their coaches.  This allows for students to continue studying from even the most remote field duty stations, where connectivity can be an issue.

Last modified: Thursday, 31 August 2017, 4:28 PM