Dr Imran Ali

Name: Dr. Imran Ali

Job Title: Humanitarian medical logistics & pharmaceutical supply chain management
Organisation: Save the Children

The best person in the community is one who benefits the humanity. The theme, if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the whole humanity has been enthusiastic drive for me, throughout my career. 

I had been part of humanitarian medical logistics & pharmaceutical supply chain management with Save the Children right after doctor of Pharmacy graduation in 2010. I have been innovative, pro-active and vigilant in managing warehouse and drug management during flood response. I was awarded certificate in outstanding performance with Save the Children during flood response Pakistan 2010. Later on I had opportunity to avail medical logistics coordinator position in 2014 with same INGO in Typhone Hiyan, Manila, Philippines. Working with humanitarian sector, exclusively in emergency phase, has be cradle of passionate and eternal peace of mind. I am grateful to USAID scholarship that supported me to enroll into professional certification in humanitarian medical logistics (MedLog) practice.

The MedLog course has been great learning platform of scenario based situation. The best part of this course is analyzing the situation and justifications, utilizing practical experience sideways rationale practices.  The case study and reading material had been awesome tools of reading. The course has enlightened me to learn about humanitarian, INGOs, UN agencies, government and other stakeholder`s inputs in coping the catastrophe situation. I had been totally engaged into this scenario. The chapter wise reading material keeps the attention of reader and focused to the chapter.  One thing worth mentioning is having curiosity in the interviews recorded by office colleges. The message from the hierarchy is helpful for medlog student to analyze the picture in mind. 

The interest and adventure reaches on peak while reading when you realize that Mr. Imran Ali you are medical logistics focal person, the man recently added into team who would own and fix up the supply chain gap in overall project. Everyone is looking for your expert opinion and expertise in humanitarian emergency disaster situation scenario. 

So, you own the situation while typing the medlog assignments. The overall scheme is fascinating for learner. I have shape up all scenarios in mind so firmly that someday I may get a chance in real life to see those faces in real life. 

Lastly, I would thanks to my medlog tutor Mr. Haydn Sandvig, who provided me glasses of insight and provided me direction for each assignment. I tried my best to answer the cross questioning, which I believe is positive aptitude in learning the situation in true spirit. I recommend informative certifications to those colleagues and mentor who are seeking their career in humanitarian sector. 

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