Haji Mrisho Lukamba

Name: Haji Mrisho Lukamba
Job Title: Senior Logistics Manager, RRMP
Organisation: Save the Children International (SCI)
Programme: Medlog

I have been in my current job for 15 months now. Initially was employed by Merlin International from February to May 2014, later transferred to Save the Children International after the fusion of Merlin to SCI.

SCI has many programmes here in the DRC, I work on the ‘’Réponse Rapide aux mouvements de Population’’ (RRMP) programme, responding to the Health Needs of Refugees and IDPs. My role involves;

  • Manager of Logistics teams for Grand North and Petit North Kivu
  • Fleet management of 17 Vehicles
  • Manage Logistics BUDGET and follow up
  • Plan Logistics Activities and share with the field Manager
  • Manage supply chain (Procurement, warehousing, stocks, inventory and asset)
  • Participate in planning and manage emergency interventions, including clinic mobiles
  • Monthly report writing 
  • Member of Senior management team

The best thing about my job as the Log manager is my full participation of all emergency interventions and clinic mobiles. I am involved in planning and programme executions. 

My interest in the Humanitarian sector began in 1995 when my country received an influx of refugee from Burundi and Rwanda. I joined the movement when I was young, and started building my career in humanitarian. The sector has helped me to reach many people in need. I have worked in South Sudan, Iraq and now in the DRC. I have NEVER worked with any other sector, I am the humanitarian Aid worker; this is my life and my destiny.

The reasons why I decided to enrol for the Fritz/CILT certification programme is because the programme is related to what I do daily. This programme is more practical and designed to respond to the challenges, we as field Logisticians are facing in our daily operations. 

The programme has helped me to widen my knowledge on medical logistics, now I have confidence in what I do. I have used the programme to improve my supply chain management skills, now I know what I need to ensure the quality of what we deliver to our beneficiaries including lifesaving materials drugs.

I have already conducted various trainings to my colleagues on various topics. My plan is to share this knowledge as much as possible.

The greatest challenges of my job are the difficult environment resulted to poor infrastructure such as roads and lack of quality materials on our local market.

As a leader I need to have wide knowledge of what I do so that I can support my team and my organisation at large.

What I will advise anyone desiring in entering the humanitarian logistics is that the sector is about LOVE, we love to see the people in need live. We are the bridge between donors and beneficiaries. We make sure that the humanitarian assistance arrives to the beneficiaries at the right time and at the right quality.

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