What are the benefits?

For the student:

  • Professional training based on best practices
  • Broad understanding of the supply chain, its functions and how it fits into the overarching humanitarian organizations and response
  • Increased skill and confidence level - Standard vocabulary and common understanding world-wide
  • Internationally-recognized professional qualification from CILT (UK)

For the organization:

  • Improved program support and achievement of organizational goals
  • Increased motivation and retention of key personnel
  • More ownership and responsibility to find solutions taken at the field level
  • Increased collaboration and understanding throughout the organization and with its partners
  • Ultimately results in improved service to the victims

For the humanitarian community: 

  • Raises the profile of logistics internally and externally
  • Establishes a cadre of professionals world-wide
  • Creates common processes, standards and vocabulary across organizations
  • Supports retention of institutional knowledge to enable continuous improvements
  • Ultimately results in improved service to victims of disasters


In March 2011, the 1,00th student was enrolled in the CHL course, and the overall Humanitarian Logistics Certification Program continues to grow steadily. Students stem from nearly 200 organizations, with the largest programs at key humanitarian partners including WFP, UNICEF, ICRC, Oxfam-GB, UNHCR, MSF, and CRS.

Feedback from the extensive student and organization network has shown that the Certification Program has an enormous impact: cost savings on operations, cost savings on training, staff effectiveness, increased individual and team capacities, more effective collaboration with other units and organizations, and validation of abilities.

The Certification in Humanitarian Logistics (CHL) course specifically won the European Supply Chain Excellence Award for Training and Professional Development in 2011. It also had an extremely positive external evaluation in 2009.

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