Financial Sponsorship by Other Organizations

Below are known organizations which provide sponsorship for individuals for professional development.  As other potential sources for funding for scholarships become known, information about those programs will be added. 


ASPIRE - The CILT Careers FoundationASPIRE-CILT Logo

Aspire is a charitable foundation within the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) that provides funded opportunities for education, training and development to UK and international applicants.

They help people who have a desire to further their careers in transport and logistics, but who have difficulty funding their own development.  By creating opportunities, their goal is to help them discover and develop their talents and fulfil their potential at any stage of their career.

To-date, the Aspire - CILT Careers Foundation has supported 5 candidates for the Certification in Humanitarian Logistics (CHL) course. 

Information about the program and the application process is available on their website, here:

Fair and Easy Co Ltd, Bangkok

We are delighted to announce that Fair and Easy Co Ltd, Bangkok have very kindly  sponsored a Certification in Humanitarian Logistics Student.  Saw Karli is working for World Vision International in Myanmar as Capacity Building Coordinator. Saw is delighted to have been selected and the opportunity that this sponsorship gives him to develop his professional skills in supporting beneficiaries in his area.

Fair & Easy Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2004 by Mr. Somsakul (Sam) Trepunyakul  and Mr. Thomas Fernandez as a trading and consulting company in Logistics and Freight Forwarding.

If your organisation would like to sponsor a student through a Humanitarian Logistics Programme

If your organisation would like to sponsor a student through one of the unique Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain programmes, please contact us through or through the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport at





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