Available Graduate Support


Create a system for effectively 1) supporting Certification graduates in finding positions within the humanitarian sector and 2) supporting organizations in recruiting Certification graduates.


Time and time again, we get requests from students and graduates to help them find jobs.  Similarly, we receive inquiries for available professionals from organizations.  This initiative is an attempt to create a simple system to meet these two needs. 

How It Works

  • Available graduates (ie - not students and not currently employed in the humanitarian sector) sign up to participate in this support service by signing the Participation Agreement and mailing to hlcregistrations@logisticslearningalliance.com
  • Participants provide basic information via an on-line form.  This form will be provided once the Participation Agreement has been received and status as a graduate has been confirmed.  It must be submitted each month and only as long as the participant is still interested in participating in this service.
    • Basic information includes:  full name; course completed; e-mail address; phone number; current location (country); nationality(ies) (passports); languages spoken; years in humanitarian logistics; last position held (title, organization, country).
  • The list of available graduates is maintained by Logistics Learning Alliance.  All individuals on the list will be confirmed as graduates.
  • On a monthly basis, this list is shared with interested HR representatives and logistics coordinators.
  • If an HR representative or logistics coordinator is interested in a particular candidate, they will e-mail that person directly. 
  • If Logistics Learning Alliance receives a vacancy announcement, it will be shared with the individuals on the list.  
  • Participants must inform Logistics Learning Alliance (hlcregistrations@logisticslearningalliance.com) as soon as a job offer has been accepted in order to be removed from the List of Available Graduates.


Participants in this program MUST BE:

  • GRADUATES of CHL, CHSCM, and/or MedLog
    • This service is only available to graduates, not to current students.  Participants must have confirmation that they have 'passed' the course from LLA. 
  • Currently NOT EMPLOYED by a humanitarian organization or working in the humanitarian field.
    • This service does not support poaching of currently employed staff of humanitarian organizations.
    • If any individual is found to be participating in this program while employed by a humanitarian organization, they will immediately be taken off the list and barred from future inclusion.
    • Humanitarian organizations include:  UN Agencies, International and National NGOs, International Organizations (such as IOM), and the Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement. 
      • Other organizations may be included on this list on a discretionary basis.


  1. This support service does not guarantee interviews or jobs for any participating individual.
  2. LLA does not comment as to the abilities or performance of participating individuals, except to confirm that their skills were certified through the Humanitarian Logistics Certification Program.


HumanSurge seeks to improve the quality and timeliness of humanitarian response through enhanced surge capacity of humanitarian responders, professionals and organisations, to the ultimate benefit of affected populations. HumanSurge brings together experienced humanitarian professionals from various disciplines on a single platform where they can signal their immediate availability for deployment in emergencies, thereby enabling organizations to complete specialized response teams overnight.  www.humansurge.org   Your CHL, CHMLP and CHSCM qualifications can be logged on the HumanSurge website as evidence of your Certified professional competence.


Please direct questions to info@logisticslearningalliance.com

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