Learning Methodology

Learning methodology 3 circles diagramThe Certification courses use the innovative 'competence model' approach, which emphasizes application of skills, as opposed to the examination of knowledge.  There are no exams.  Instead, through the course, candidates (or students) develop and demonstrate the required competencies through the performance of tasks. The learning process uses a unique combination of learning materials, a simulated case study environment based on first-hand experience in many humanitarian aid operations, and access to live coaches.

The courses are all 100% distance learning, which allows candidates to start at any time and work at their own pace. This methodology is especially effective for individuals working the demanding humanitarian world.

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CILT's mentoring service has been developed to support members in their CPD activities regardless of membership grade, age or work status. 

All Institute mentors have proven commitment to the profession and support the aims of CILT to 'promote professional excellence'.

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