Medical suppliesCertification in Humanitarian Medical Logistics Practices (MedLog) launched September 1, 2009.  MedLog focuses on medical items' special supply chain requirements.  MedLog is aimed at experienced logisticians and medical specialists handling the medical supply within humanitarian organizations.  Upon completion,

Logisticians will be able to:

  • Plan and operate the medical supply chain with more confidence in your knowledge of the special technical and quality assurance requirements of the medical supply
  • Advise medical program planners on medical items’ supply chain and quality assurance requirements
  • Make more informed responses and get the information needed sooner, when medical program colleagues request logistics support

Medical specialists will be able to:

  • Plan medical programs with an understanding of what logistics can and cannot do, and the logistics implications of medical programs
  • Handle the medical supply while following the supply chain and quality assurance requirements of the medical items
  • Make requests of logistics colleagues that are more informed and specific to ensure the medical supply is properly handled and quality assurance is maintained

MedLog is designed to be completed in 6 months, working approximately 5 hours per week. MedLog is only available in English.  There are no pre-requisites for MedLog.  You do not need to be currently employed or affiliated with a humanitarian organization to partake in this course. 

For current course fees and payment options, please contact the delivery partner, LLA on  The fee includes all course materials, coach support and final assessment, licence and management fees.

Medlog Learners receive complementary Learner Affiliate membership of CILT(UK). This gives privileged access to a range of benefits and services, as outlined below, designed to help and support them throughout their studies and future careers. If Learners are already members of CILT(UK), they retain their existing member grade. This membership is valid for the entire duration of their study, within their 2 year registration period.

The Knowledge Centre – This gives Learners access to journals, reports, research and benchmarking available online and in hard copy (hard copies only available in the UK), which will prove invaluable when researching, revising and writing subject matter.

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